Tree Removal Stafford Heights, Everton Hills, Albany Creek and Surrounding Areas

Teja’s Tree services Brisbane (0407 064 227) is a fully insured Tree Removal specialist that services Stafford Heights, Everton Hills, Albany Creek and surrounding areas on Brisbane’s Northside. With over a decade of experience in professional tree service industries, Teja has worked privately in The Brisbane area for many years.

I specialise in all aspects of tree work and offer competitive rates on all of my services.

Some of the Services I provide include:

  • Removing trees
  • Pruning large trees
  • Palm Cleaning and removal
  • Dangerous limb removal
Tejas Tree Services is a family business.
Teja’s trees is a family business.

I like to focus on the local area as this is a cost effective and environmentally friendly approach. By reducing the costs I can pass the savings on to the customer.

In some cases a tree has been planted in close proximity to a building. This can cause problems or even structural damage to the property and will need to be removed.

However in certain scenarios effective pruning can be done in order to rectify the situation.

Tree lopping is a term given to the practice of removing the top half of the tree. It is a practice that we strongly advise against. Tree lopping causes long term irreparable disfigurement to the tree and can lead to disease or death of the tree. It also creates dangerous regrowth that has weak attachment points.

Teja practices ethical tree care and will not carry out lopping.

For enquiries about Tree removal in Stafford Heights, Everton Hills, Albany creek and surrounding areas, contact Teja on 0407 064 227 for an obligation free quote.

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