Tree Pruning and Climbing Specialist Brisbane Northside

Tree Pruning Brisbane

Teja’s Tree Services Brisbane is a fully insured company that operates on Brisbane’s Northside.

We are experienced in all aspects of tree care and specialise in expert Tree Pruning and Trimming in Brisbane.

In some cases pruning or trimming a tree can be an alternative to removing the tree.

Here are some examples where this can apply:

  • The tree is too close to your property
  • When it encroaches a neighbours property
  • To close too service wires
  • Dropping leaves in guttering
  • Obstructing views
  • Possum “highways”
  • Potentially hazardous limbs or branches
  • Dead wood or “Widow Makers”
  • Reduce shade over solar panels or turfed areas
  • General shaping for aesthetics



Using correct pruning techniques (Australian Standards) is vital to the health of the tree and the future growth that will occur after as a result of pruning.


Incorrect pruning can result in dangerous, ugly and unnatural looking regrowth. Some species of tree i.e. Jacaranda, Poinciana and most Gum trees are extremely sensitive and can react adversely to incorrect pruning practice commonly known as “Lopping” (over pruning)

As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended that no more than 25% of the foliage be removed at any one pruning cycle. It is suggested to only prune mature trees every 12 months. This allows the tree to recover fully before an assessment can be made and further work can be carried out.

In some cases a cherry picker will be needed in order to access the tree safely and efficiently. This can have an impact upon the cost.

Reducing Shade

Due to the increase in solar panels in Brisbane, a lot of customers are requesting trees to be removed that are shading solar panels.

This seems a contradiction in terms as far as being environmentally responsible goes. Often more light can be allowed into the areas in question without removing the tree.

Turfed areas can also benefit from effective management of shade causing foliage. Often this can be an on going process that will require regular maintenance of the tree.

Other Concerns

Brisbane’s Northside has a considerable Cocos Palm Tree population that also needs regular cleaning in order to effectively manage aesthetics by reducing seed production which has been linked to problems with Bats and other species.

The falling seeds can rot, create trip hazards and look untidy.

For Tree Pruning Brisbane North or Tree Trimming Brisbane contact Teja on 0407 064 227 during business hours.