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Tree lopping is a term that loosely describes a practice which is not recommended by ethical tree services. Essentially tree lopping or topping a tree is where the crown of the tree is removed in order to lower the height of the tree.

Many people on Brisbane’s Northside will have a tree “topped” in order to gain a better view of the Brisbane City skyline.

Tree experts will advice against lopping a tree in Brisbane as the regrowth of the specimen will become unsafe and is prone to snapping in one of North Brisbane’s savage storms.

Alternative To Tree Topping Brisbane.

As an alternative to Tree Lopping Brisbane, Teja’s Tree Services recommends a slow reduction of the crown over time so as to eliminate the possibility of epicormic or external weak growth.

In the most severe cases a tree that has been poorly managed will die or will have to be removed in order to prevent damage to property, or even cause injury and death. Always make sure that you employ an ethical tree lopper and if in doubt as to the health of any of your Brisbane Northside trees contact a level 5 arborist who can professionally asses the plant in your garden.

Further Problems.

Another problem caused through the bad practice of tree lopping is that the regrowth is very rapid and will have to be re-lopped at regular intervals in order to maintain the height which was originally required.

A professionally pruned tree will encourage safe and healthy growth habit right through out the trees natural life.

Tree lopping is dangerous and should be done by a person who has had the appropriate training and uses all of the necessary safety equipment.


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