Palm Cleaning And Removal In Brisbane Northside Area

In the 1980’s Palm Trees became a popular landscape garden tree throughout Brisbane. They seemed a good idea at the time, but once mature, Palm trees start to form seed pods that attract bats and drop a mess all over the garden.



Cocos Palms in particular are not self cleansing and therefore require regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them safe and attractive.



Alexander Palms on the other hand are self cleansing and require less care and are therefore recommended as a substitute. However, Alexander Palms can grow to be quite tall and skinny in appearance.




Cotton Palms are a larger species and depending on the variety can have very sharp and dangerous spikes. These trees grow in a more spreading form. They are very slow growing but at full maturity they can also get rather tall.





Palm Cleaning in Brisbane

In most cases Palms can be cleaned by simply climbing the trunk using spikes, and removing the seed pods and dead or dying fronds.This leaves unsightly spike marks on the trunk. This is the most cost effective method. However over may years and numerous maintenance routines, these spike marks can be of detriment to the Palm.

Alternatively if access is not an issue, a cherry picker can be utilised to gain access to the upper section of the Plant. If the Palm does not exceed 5 meters extension pruning poles can be used.

If access is an issue, and aesthetics and longevity of the tree is important to you, then for an additional cost the tree can be climbed without spikes.

In some cases in Brisbane, a Palm will need a removal due to the fact that it is in the wrong location. The cost to clean a Palm or to remove it is dependant on many factors. I have written a brief guide to help you understand some of the factors involved.


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