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Fully insured for your peace of mind!

Teja's tree services is a fully insured tree service. We specialise in tree removal, pruning and lopping on Brisbane's Northside.

Teja from Teja’s Tree Services Brisbane North.

With over 10 years experience in the tree service industry, Teja can tackle any tree in the Brisbane area. With local focus, I can cut down on the cost of the work and pass the savings on to you.

Some of the services I offer are:

  • Palm Cleaning
  • Tree Removal
  • Pruning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Land Clearing
  • Hazardous Limb Removal
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Replanting Advice
  • Stump Removal
  • Tree Lopping

Teja loves trees and will give you genuine advice on how to best take care of your trees.

 I won’t just remove a shrub without making a complete assessment on the value and health of the specimen.

Many arboriculture  services will just “lop” a tree or “top” it. This practice is detrimental to the tree and will hinder its future growth patterns. Each specimen must be assessed individually to make sure that it will become healthy as a result of the tree loppers actions. In most cases it is best to prune the tree so as to encourage healthy growth. Tree lopping as a practice is frowned upon by arborists and tree care professionals, it is always a good idea to make sure that you ask your tree care professional if they are aware of the best practices.

In some cases it will be best practice to completely remove the tree. This is known as tree removal Brisbane and can be expensive depending on the size and nature of the specimen.

Time & Cost Of Tree Removal

  • Depending on the number of plants or tree to be removed
  • Amount of organic matter that has to be removed
  • The proximity to the nearest council green waste recycling centre
  • I prefer to travel only on Brisbane’s north side due to time and labour plus energy issues.

When removing a large tree access is going to be one of the biggest factors. The further the detritus has to be moved the longer the removal takes and the cost goes up also.

Tree lopping is an extremely dangerous profession and that’s why tree care professionals pay high insurance premiums. Teja’s tree services Brisbane is fully insured and practices safe tree work principles.

Environmentally Aware

We are also environmentally aware and recycle all by-product such as mulch wherever possible. Teja  can recycle some of the timber or wood from a large tree removal and make wooden furniture or use the materials in eco friendly construction. Teja also takes care to minimise environmental impact by trying to do lopping in the local area. This also reduces carbon footprints.

Teja is a climbing expert with many years in the arboriculture industry and is happy to talk to you about your needs especially when it comes to preparing for storm season in Brisbane.

Best Tree Lopping Brisbane Northside

What Makes a Tejas Trees the Best Option for Tree Lopping on Brisbane Northside?

Teja has been doing tree lopping on the Brisbane Northside for fifteen years. He is a friendly, skilful tree man who takes care of all the trees and shrubs on your property and neighbour’s where they are impacted. He offers competitive free quotes whether you can be on site or not and efficiently gets the job done, leaving your place clean and tidy. He has full insurance cover and is fully-equipped and qualified to climb your trees for removal or pruning. He guarantees his tree lopping work.

Safe and Efficient Tree Lopping Northside Brisbane

With fifteen years of experience tree lopping on Brisbane’s Northside, Teja really knows his stuff. He works safely in suburban yards, taking care of your hard and soft landscaping, as he works on your trees. He offers competitive quotes that are commensurate with the technical difficultly or ease of the job at hand. Whether it’s pruning to remove limbs, or entire trees he can work according to your needs. He and his team do an excellent job of removing all debris and cleaning up to leave your place clean and tidy. Safety and efficiency are always front and centre. The company is fully-insured for your peace of mind. Teja has never had to make an insurance claim!

Get a Qualified Brisbane  Local for Your Tree Lopping Needs

As a local resident of Brisbane Northside, Teja knows the area and its trees well. He will quote and do the job himself, so you can rest assured that your tree work will be done by a friendly qualified local in accordance with your wishes. And when you’re not sure what’s best for your trees he can provide expert advice on how to keep them healthy and to the optimal size for your home and garden.

Brisbane Northside Tailored Free Tree Lopping Quotes: Expert, Honest and On Time


Each property is different. Properties vary in terms of accessibility, size, type and layout of trees, shrubs and smaller garden features. This includes your house and other buildings and onsite features such as fences, pools and patios. Due to the variability of each place, an accurate tailored quote must be procured for each job to reflect these differences. When you call to request a tree lopping quote, Teja will come to your place in a timely manner, arriving at the agreed time. He will discuss the specific features of your property as it relates to the trees, gardens, house and other features and discuss your needs. He will give you the time to discuss the specific needs for your property and provide an accurate and reasonable quote based on the discussion. He will provide clear and honest information and listen to what you are asking, discussing from his expert perspective the short and longer-term implications of the work being undertaken. He will provide expert advice based on what your short- and long-term intentions are for your place.

What If I Can’t Be There for the Tree Lopping Quote or Job?

If you can’t be there personally a quote can easily be procured in your absence. If you can provide a list of requirements verbally or with photos via email, text or over the phone, Teja can visit the property and provide an accurate email quote for your tree work needs. If you can’t be there when the work is being undertaken, that’s fine, (better for your eardrums too!).

What About the Neighbours?

Teja can communicate with your neighbours where they may be impacted with trees growing on boundaries. On occasion, it is necessary to enter a neighbour’s property to safely access a branch or tree or to clear fallen debris. In these cases, without exception, permission is obtained prior to start of work and a rigorous clean-up concludes the work.

What Next for My Northside Brisbane Tree Work Needs?

Upon acceptance of your quote, Teja will arrange and mutually suitable time with you to perform the tree lopping job on Brisbane’s Northside. You do not need to be there when he comes. He will give you a realistic idea of how long it will take, though on occasion other factors can influence this such as weather variation with wind or rain, other trade people working on or nearby the site, neighbour’s concerns and other matters. Safety of personnel and property always come first. He will communicate any changes with you in a timely manner.

He will arrive at the designated time and day and safely and efficiently perform all the tree work as discussed. A full and thorough clean-up will conclude the work.

Any Guarantees for Tree Lopping?

Upon completion of your tree lopping work you will issued with an emailed invoice which you have 7 days to pay. He accepts direct deposit, cash or cheque. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the tree lopping undertaken, he will discuss this with you and follow up to address any concerns as needed.


Teja's tree lopping Brisbane

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Tree lopping is a term that loosely describes a practice which is not recommended by ethical tree loppers Brisbane. Essentially tree lopping or topping a tree is where the crown of the tree is removed in order to lower the height of the tree.

Many people on Brisbane’s Northside will have a tree “topped” by unprofessional tree loppers in order to gain a better view of the Brisbane City skyline. In some cases they have the tree removed in order to get a better view of Brisbane’s night lights.

Tree experts will advice against lopping a tree in Brisbane as the regrowth of the specimen will become unsafe and is prone to snapping in one of North Brisbane’s savage storms.

Alternative To Tree Lopping.

As an alternative to Tree Lopping. Teja’s Tree Services recommends a slow reduction of the crown over time so as to eliminate the possibility of epicormic or external weak growth.

In the most severe cases a tree that has been poorly managed will die or will have to be removed in order to prevent damage to property, or even cause injury and death. Always make sure that you employ an ethical tree lopper and if in doubt as to the health of any of your Brisbane Northside trees contact a level 5 arborist who can professionally asses the plant in your garden.

Further Problems.

Another problem caused through the bad practice of tree lopping is that the regrowth is very rapid and will have to be re-lopped at regular intervals in order to maintain the height which was originally required.

A professionally pruned tree will encourage safe and healthy growth habit right through out the trees natural life.

Bad or unprofessional tree work is dangerous and should be done by a person who has had the appropriate training and uses all of the necessary safety equipment.


Tree Failure Due To Bad Lopping.

When a tree has been lopped instead of pruned properly, a new growth cycle will commence so as the tree can re-establish it’s chlorophyll factory. The new sprouts or shoots actually grow on the outer layer of the branches. This growth is called an epicormic shoot and is weak and can be dangerous during a storm. That is why a tree care professional will know the best way to manage the plants natural habit or growth form.

This Is What Can Happen when You Fail To Hire A Professional!


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