How To Increase The Service Life Of Your Stump Grinder

Most people do not have the interest, patience, or time to wad through all the information provided in technical bearing data and procedures offered by most bearing manufacturers. This is because, the amount of data that they provide is to much for most of us to sit down, read, and understand. For someone who owns a tree stump grinder and wishes to run the operating costs down, the inability to read and understand the technical data and procedure to be able to maintain the equipment themselves means that they have no other option but to outsource bearing maintenance services.

The cost of purchasing a single replacement bearing alone runs over £100. If you factor this cost in your overall machine maintenance, you’ll realize that replacing the bearing takes up a huge portion of the maintenance cost. For this reason, we’ve created this guide to help those who wish to reduce costs by increasing the service life of their machine’s bearings. Read on to learn more!

Reasons for premature Wear in Grinder Bearings

1. Lubrication

The use of low-quality lubricant and poor or inadequate maintenance are two of the main reasons why bearings on stump grinders wear out prematurely or fail. To avoid this, it is recommended that you top-up grease using a conventional hand-held grease pump when out in the field, and at the end of each day, you should grease the bearing using an air compressor-driven pneumatic grease dispenser.

Also, when re-greasing the bearings, it is best that you purge the contaminated grease until the clean one starts 3xuding from the bearing. The best lubricants for this exercise are EP-2 high melting point grease and the heavy-duty molybdenum disulfide enriched EP-2 complex grease.

So, in summary, when it comes to lubricants, there are three things we can do to maximize the service life of a stump grinder’s bearing. They include:

    – Using the correct type of lubricant
    – Applying the right quantity of the lubricant
    – Re-greasing the bearing frequently

2. Inadequate or Incorrect Bearing Adjustment

If you are in need Of a stump grinder tree service in North Carolina, the second most common reason why their bearings wear prematurely is incorrect or inadequate adjustment. The problem with this type of machine is that, it isn’t easy to access the bearings for adjustment purposes. To do this, you need a specialized tool that can work around the obstructions and access the bearing.

You can fabricate such a tool by yourself using an Allen key by grinding away excess material using a bench grinder to shape the key into a right-angled punch. Make sure you the key doesn’t overheat or turn blue by frequently cooling it with water. Fabricating this tool may seem like a lot of work, but if you really want to save some money by avoiding repair costs, then you’ll put in a bit of initiative and determination and do it yourself.

Detecting and analyzing premature bearing failure is a technical subject by itself in nature. This usually involves the use of specialized equipment, such as oil, ultrasound analysis equipment, infrared sensors, vibration sensors, heat sensors, and so on. All these gadgets are great as they provide us with a lot of useful data. However, it would be costly and impractical for you to purchase all these specialized testing equipment for your personal use at home. And if you could afford to buy them, it might be a challenge to read and interpret some of the data they generate.

So what can you do? The answer is trusting in your natural senses to roughly monitor your stump grinder’s bearing performance. You can do this by resting your hand on the pillow block bearing after running it for like one or two hours. If the block is too hot to touch, then it means that the bearing is worn and needs maintenance.

If there are violent vibrations as a result of excessive play within the bearing, what you should do is make adjustments according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Also, if you hear rumbling or knocking sounds from the bearing, it means that this component is excessively worn and it is time to replace it.

Stages of Bearing Failure

Bearings rarely fail in one go. They usually take time going through a couple of stages before they completely fail. The stages that stump grinder bearings go through are as follows:

Stage 1: Vibration

Vibrations are one of the signs that indicate a bearing is about to fail. By analyzing these vibrations, you may be able to tell how much service life a bearing has got left in it. You can use a specialized tool to do this. This device produces signal data in the ultrasonic frequency range band of 250 to 350 kHz. Any data within this range indicates that the bearing had about 10-20 percent life remaining in it.

Stage 2: Ringin

The second stage of bearing failure is ringing. You can use the tool we mentioned above to analyze this. The tool will measure the natural frequency of the ringing sound. If the results indicate that it’s ringing at a frequency of between 500 to 2000 Hz, then know that your grinder’s bearing has 5 to 10 percent life left.

Stage 3: Temperature

At this stage, you’ll feel high temperatures when you touch the block covering the bearing. This indicates that your bearing has 1 to 5 percent of service life left in it.

Stage 4: Vibrations and Noise

This stage is marked by higher levels of vibration, ultrasonic noise, and a great increase in temperature. At this point, the bearing won’t last more than an hour. After this point, you won’t have any other option but to call in a costly replacement, something that could have been avoided if you performed regular maintenance on your stump grinding equipment.


What A Tree Service Company Can Do For You

Are you a homeowner who owns a garden or lawn that has trees? Caring for your trees while maintaining their aesthetic value is no easy task; we understand this better than anyone. That is precisely why you need to enroll in the services of a tree service company.

What is a Tree Service Company?

It is a company that’s made up of technicians who are specially trained to look after trees. They can also identify diseases and pests and suggest ways to get rid of them. Tree companies also employ the services of an arborist, otherwise known as a tree surgeon. That is a professional who has studied and specialized in the special care of trees.

Common Services Offered by Tree Service Companies

Trees, like all other living things, require regular maintenance to bring out their full potential. Take a look at some of the essential services provided by tree service professionals.

1. Emergency tree removal

When you notice the tree in your backyard start to lean towards your house or your lawn, it is prudent to seek a tree service company to remove it as soon as possible and avert severe damage.

2. Uprooting

Maybe there is an unpleasant tree in your garden that you want to get rid of: call a tree service instead of trying to uproot it yourself.

3. Relocating

If you want to move a tree from your compound but don’t want to cut it down, guess whom you ought to call? That’s right! A tree service company.

4. Pruning and trimming

Overgrown and untended trees in your garden or backyard are bound to give off a wrong impression of you. Have a professional trim and prune those branches every few months.

5. Arborist inspection

If you suspect that there might be something wrong with your tree, give an arborist a call. They will diagnose your tree’s illness and advise you accordingly.

Importance of Hiring a Tree Service Company

Hiring a tree service company is guaranteed to make a significant change in your trees’ outlook and your overall compound. Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider hiring one.

• Talk to the Experts

Arborists know everything concerning pruning, hedging, and other tree maintenance services. They understand your locality’s topography and climate; thus, they can efficiently recommend the right trees and plants that will thrive in your garden. Don’t just take advice from anyone when you can get an expert opinion.

• Put your Safety First

The care and proper maintenance of trees can be a dangerous affair, especially if you are an amateur. It would be best to leave complex tree maintenance procedures for tree service experts: that way, you avoid causing harm to yourself, your house, or your tree.

• Experienced technicians

Professional tree technicians are experienced in the top techniques applicable in training and grooming trees in homes and commercial settings. If you are looking to landscape your home, have a tree specialist take you through it, and we assure you that your garden will thank you for it.

Tree service technicians have also seen and attended to thousands of trees. That means that they are better placed to determine what measures can benefit your trees and those you need to drop entirely.

• Efficient Service

We understand that you are a busy individual with loads of matters to attend to daily. Your job, family, and social life most probably take up a large portion of your time, leaving you with little to no time for your trees. The only way out is hiring a tree service company.

Your plants will be cared for religiously and more professionally than if you had done it yourself. It is a good idea to save yourself the hassle now and then by letting an expert help you out.

• Preserve your Lawn Aesthetics

Giving your lawn a revamp from time to time is essential in maintaining your home’s beauty. However, what happens when you cut down those ugly shrubs and remain with the stumps? Trying to dig them out yourself will most certainly damage the grass around them and leave an even uglier gaping hole in your yard.

A professional tree technician will remove these stumps expertly while taking care not to damage your lawn. In case of inevitable damage, they will help you fix it so that your garden retains its appeal.

How to Choose the Right Tree Service Company

Follow these tips when considering a tree service company to avoid being conned off your hard-earned money and wasting your time.

• Insurance Policy

Accidents are quite rampant in this line of business, and as such, you need to be assured that you will not be held liable for any damage occasioned on your property or injuries sustained by a worker. A genuine insurance certificate ought to be issued by the Tree Service Insurance Agency and sent to you as the client.

• Accredited Company

Before hiring a tree service company, it would be best to make sure that the Better Business Bureau accredits it. A company that is not accredited is not worth your trust, no matter what they say they can do for you.

• A Good Reputation

Due diligence on your part is crucial in determining if a company is worth your business or not. Be sure to check for online reviews or any chatter about the company on social media. It might be wise to stay away from companies who have negative reviews or none at all. A company that has completed several similar projects successfully is most likely to do the same for you.

• Suspicious Pricing

Your research on different tree companies must have given you a rough idea of the kind of rates you should expect. If a company offers unbelievably low prices, it could be that they are inexperienced or lack the proper accreditation. Ridiculously high prices do not translate to quality services either. They may just be trying to take advantage of you.

• Choose the Best Deal

Some companies offer additional services to go with the job you’ve hired them for, while others provide a detailed breakdown of how they will complete your project with maximum efficiency. Use your discernment to choose the best company while also considering the best reasonable deal you can get.

• Do Not Pay Upfront

If the company has already been paid, they make lack incentive to complete your job as promised. Holding off on payment until you are satisfied with their work will protect you from paying for poor-quality services. If you aren’t pleased with how they have handled your project, ask them to redo it.

Final Thoughts

Tree maintenance can be one hell of a task if you are going it alone, but now you can hire a professional, then sit back and watch them do the work for you. You have invested in your home’s appearance so far; now, it is time to walk the talk. We have provided you with a detailed post with everything you need to know about tree service companies. Be sure to consult this information whenever you need to make a related decision; that will help you make an informed one.